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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good Tuesday morning!!! Hope you are all having a great day so far!

Yesterday morning I was going through a folder I have of some tutorials and projects I printed out off the net from various places, of things I wanted to do or try sometime and came across the tutorial for making paper baskets. I printed this out from
here last February or March. I have a great love of baskets and basket making. I have made several myself at classes and workshops and at a friend of a friends house who has a awesome loft over their garage, it is the ultimate crafting space, and she makes all kinds of things, not just baskets. But a few of us get together occasionally and make a basket or two. It is a blast! So when I saw this paper basket tutorial I was immediately drawn to it. I love and own alot of Longerberger baskets as well, and have been to Dresden, Ohio where they are made and even tried my hand at weaving one there. So I thought I could certainly handle this one. Well let me tell you, the paper ones are a bit harder to work with than the ones made of wood. After I got the first one done I pronounced to my family I am going to post this on my blog with the title CAUTION: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. LOL!!

But after I had a shower and ate a piece of cheesecake I was feeling brave again and so I did make another.

The baskets take a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock, and I have a very limited supply and colors of that size. The hardest part of the baskets, for me anyway, is the bottom part with the very narrow pieces. They don't want to stay where you put them, even with some glue but once you get that part done the rest is very easy peasy!

So what do you think? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stamping or in this case Happy weaving!!!


Moorestampin said...

Wow! I am impressed - just passed this on to my Longaberger/Scrapper friend. I feel a big order of 12x12 cs and brad coming my way!

TFS - Love it - Love the shading on the basket too. Moorestampin

DebsStuff said...

These are fantastic. They don't look one bit like paper!